Data Revolt Agency

We are a data marketing agency. Data marketing refers to strategies built on insights pulled from data, collected through consumer interactions and engagement, to construct propensity about future behaviour.

We like to learn constantly, to admit when we don’t know something and to be there when others need us. We’re happy to accomplish cool things together.

Check out the job description below and let’s have a chat!


  • Planning and implementing Display, Video, Mobile, Native, Audio, Remarketing campaigns in different programmatic platforms (DV360, Teads, Taboola, VE, Adform etc.);
  • Constantly monitoring and optimising campaigns towards KPIs, creating and testing relevant strategies considering different layers of data in order to drive results;
  • Analyze performance and report results, support multiple clients and manage simultaneous projects;
  • Keep in contact with publishers for trading, creating private deals and troubleshooting issues;
  • Trafficking using CM360;

What we offer:

  • The perfect conditions for continuous deep-learning and skill-developing;
  • Everything we do at Data Revolt is centered around people and you can expect to work with smart, energetic people, learn something every day, and be valued for your perspective;

What you bring:

  • At least 2 years of relevant experience (ad operations, programmatic, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs);
  • A deep understanding of the online environment, metrics and performance indicators, concepts like the customer journey and sales funnel;
  • Some super organizing and prioritization skills;
  • Love of learning, open-mindedness, curiosity towards new technologies;
  • Strong analytical skills and a data-driven mindset;
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