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Two years after the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our lives, in a time when we have been heading to the new normal, the whole world was troubled by the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Millions of people have fled Ukraine due to a cruel war and many of them sought refuge in Romania. Same as 2 years ago, when the digital agencies’ community were helping Romanian small businesses to overcome the first months of the pandemic, marketing and communication professionals are offering resources to help the refugees from Ukraine. 

Marketing for Good is an independent platform that gives Ukrainian digital specialists a chance to find jobs in Romania, to get support in completing their current projects or to find a place to continue their activities.

Various marketing agencies and service providers will provide assistance to the digital professionals in the three main areas:

Workspace – desks in agencies or co-working spaces where they can catch up with the delayed projects or continue their activity.

Jobs – job offers in Romanian agencies for those who fled the war in Ukraine and need to work to support themselves in our country.

Assistance – support in completing the current digital projects. Romanian agencies will provide the know-how and manpower for those who have found sanctuary in our country.

Moreover, Marketing for Good aids the Romanian NGOs that make great efforts to help the refugees. Local agencies will provide the know-how and free creative services to associations involved in the refugee crisis.

How does it work?

Agencies can contact us in order to offer their help and the mentioned above resources (workspace, assistance, jobs, know-how for NGOs).

Ukrainian professionals can contact us with their requests: workspace, assistance, jobs.

We will then match the requests with the current resources and secure direct communication between the Ukrainian digital professionals and Romanian agencies.

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